How I Am Happy

For Yourself

I’ve always done what was expect of me by my family and friends. I have let this sort of shape who Ben Nadeau was over the past 22 years. I am not ashamed of this, as the great majority of young adults are heavily influenced by the idea of who they should be in the eyes of loved ones. No one ever aims to disappoint.

I, like many others, had this notion that those who have already been through these stages in life obviously must know what the “right” and most promising path to take is, right? Seems logical. It is this notion that disturbs the creativity and ability to build your own ideologies on how life should takes its course. This “right” path we are all expect to walk along as young adults; graduate high school, get into the best college possible, go to the best college possible, get good grades (even if it means not applying and diversifying yourself to new experiences), graduate, get an entry-level job (seemingly impossible, we all are familiar with the Catch 22 here), move out of your parents place, etc. is what a large marjoity of young adults are doing/told to do. Then, as if we’d have a say, we are pretty much told what few broad categories of academics will make us most successful in the future (Business, Health Sciences, Mathematics), again hindering any fostering of personal creativity. How many of these students would have rather purused a different course but were scared into beleiving that they would “never find a job,” “no one is successful in that field,” “you’d have to be lucky to progress with such an education.”

Where in this “right” path did me, myself, and I soely make the decision that this is what is “right.” I took this path because I was told that’s how it is done, and fuck, I’ve listened to what I’m suppose to do all the way up to this point, why stop now?

What I am slowly trying to reach is this… I finally said fuck it, after all this bullshit that I’ve been told to do throughout my life it has come to a point where I’ve told myself “you can do what YOU want.” Still quite hesitant to disappoint family and friends, I was able to look past that and start making decisions for myself. Some may think this is selfish, but who are you to say? You are probably still on that same path and never had big enough balls to step off it. Besides, how is it selfish to make decisions which will improve your overall mental well-being, your inner happiness, your idea of what life is really all about; self-fulfillment.

With that said, I have started this mind spew of thoughts, ideas, and theories to hopefully gain the attention of those who are looking at their life and having that moment of, “what the fuck am I doing?” Enjoy.


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