Be Happy


It is extremely common for indivduals to find themselves walking or even running on the hedonic-treadmill. What goes on here is companies claim their product will provide you with superior satisfaction, when in reality us humans digest our purchases in a matter of hours to weeks depending on the serveity of the purchase. However, never will it outlast the price or value you paid/received from the product. The problem is, you purchase the product, digest it, and are right back where you started looking for something that is going to make you more satified or happier the next time around.

Side note; if your a company, don’t sell people on a product that is going to have them looking for something more fulfilling come the beginning of the purchase cycle. 1) Unsatisfied customers = bad word of mouth and 2) You will never generate repeat customers (remember 20/80; 20% of your customers produce 80% of your revenue).

This process puts people on an trecherous and never ending purchase cycle… happy for a moment, searching for something better. If you’re always looking to validate yourself and get satisfaction from buying stuff or having a bigger house, then you’re on an endless, addictive treadmill. There is no happy ending or enduring satisfaction, it simply leads to short-term disappointment and long-term dissatisfaction.

If you look at the components of long-term well-being, it has nothing to do with material goods. Once you’re past a certain level of material well-being, people’s long-term happiness is about having deep personal relationships, believing in something larger than themselves, and doing something meaningful that they enjoy. Humans don’t seek and receive deep personal relationships eventually to toss that to the side in search for something better. Humans don’t pick up a hobby or activity they truely enjoy and forget they enjoy it a couple weeks later. These experiences are life long, and even if they don’t last a life time they had a significant impact on who you are and what you value. So please, stop trying to keep up with the Jonses, rather do what the Jonses are not; discoving more meaning to life than accumulating material goods trying to out do their last purchase, never satisfied with what they previously obtained.


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