Be Happy

Work and Happiness

“Why is it that most business leaders and investors don’t see the connection between creating the intangible employee happiness with creating the tangible financial profits.”
This notion is quite simple. What I am saying is that incentives to make your employees happier in the workplace breeds productivity and in the long run profitability. It’s an uncomplicated concept that seems far too frequently over looked by businesses/corporations small and large. A concept as simple as longer lunch breaks to hit the gym; you experience self-improvement and confidence along with high productivity rates when you return for the remainer of the work day. It’s a small investment for the company that yields higher returns than companies are willing to realize. Businesses are so keen on measuring their performace on soely tangible measurments, but if they simply consider their employees overall happiness (an intangible asset) they would be suprised when they see the positive repercussions. Not only does it improve company morale but it reflects outside the workplace as well; win-win.

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