Be Happy

Please, GO!

So many people never take a chance to explore the world around them, they are simply stuck in this tunnel vision of a world which makes up their total mindset. Have you ever heard someone complain after exploring a new place? I know you’ve heard it over and over, but seriously get the fuck out of that bubble of a comfort zone that you pretend is so fulfilling to you. Stop lying to yourself, everyone has a sense of adventure locked away and few ever take advantage of it.

It is excuse after excuse until you find yourself distant from your once primetime years. Are you afraid you’ll lose your beloved job that your concious fucking hates? I know, you need money to travel, so save some money, stop going to the bar and blowing $100 a night on the weekends. I agree, it can be fun in the moment. However, look back right now to a specific six month segment where you spent money on in the moment pleasures that you couldn’t have lived without. Now, how much money could you have saved to contribute towards LIFE EXPERIENCES. Ones that you literally look back on and say to yourself, that was incredible. Stop spending your money on material goods and short-lived moments, these things only make you think your happy for a limited time. Life experiences are what will define you as a person, not the epic night you had with your friends last weekend or the $200 pair of shoes you purchased. Drop any notion that material goods are going to provide you with long-term self-fulfillment, it is simply and scientifically not true.

Going back to a sole reason people refuse to step out of their daily routine to enhance their lives with life experiences and travel; their job. They are seemingly so comfortable with their job they most likely hate going to every morning that they tell themselves it would be ridiculous to leave such an opportunity. All I have to say is; if you can quit your job to fulfill your overall sense of adventure, you will be envied.

Next time someone tries to define who you are by asking “what do you do for a living?” Respond by telling them what your doing and have done to live.


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